Time Pilot

Sara, 19.
I collect erasers and my sexual orientation is Brian Wilson's butt. Be my friend c:

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Yardley lip gloss, 1972. (♥)

Fun in the bathroom!


Imagine having a threesome with your current icon and the icon you had before

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Shirtless Bowie for the gurls and bois

(the back is a heaven because is like Heaven)


Nothing like a picture of Courtney’s vagina on your dash <3


i love how some girls are soft and delicate and wear floral dresses and how some are fuckin hardcore and have short hair and are rad as hell and how others are a mix of the two

girls are so great

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reasons why you should date me

  • we can do the pillow fort
  • share an ENTIRE pizza
  • ((like a whole pizza just for us wow))
  • ???????
  • mario kart

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I just ran into Keith Richards, what a man



what is this. magical bird.

Quetzal. That bird is a Quetzal and it can be found on Western Mexico.  It’s on a near threatened status.